Limited And Convinced

No one survives to completely resist,
To thrive in places...
Where an abundance of ignorance sits.
Since many are conditioned to base realities,
On appearances, symbols and connected myths...
To believe to be dependent upon this fits perfectly.
With a determination to value their self worth,
That gives birth to a resurgence of that which is repeated.

And those who use their minds with a consciousness,
To explore and adventure with an 'awareness' of it...
Are seldom accepted and considered misfits.
And that is determined by the depth of one's ignorance,
With experiences limited and convinced by others...
Their life to live to gain material things to impress,
Is not meant to evolve or bloom to grow...
To change and redefine as their minds in time moves on.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

A nice poem. I agree to what you have said, but a little illumination at the poet's note could remove my ignorance about who the poem is addressed to and what led you to think so.