BH (07-30-81 / Buffalo, New York)

Limited Time Offer

You are given your ticket,
yet never any directions.
Trial and error is your guide,
spinning around in circles until the end.

Life is a limited time offer,
revoked at a moments notice.
Precious as a jewel,
but coveted like lead.

Short and hopefully sweet,
life can pass you by easily.
Keep your arms around it,
never letting it slip from your grasp.

You're not alone,
though you will think otherwise.
You're looking to the sky for help,
but someone is much closer than that.

Fall into my arms,
I'll never let you fall.
I'm a limited time offer,
only able to help for so long.

Let's walk this tightrope together,
traversing life's perils hand in hand.
I love you and everything you do,
though I will sometimes act like I don't.

I'll write you a promise,
here and now.
I will never leave you alone,
even when the stars go dark all around us.

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