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Limited To Ignorance
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Limited To Ignorance

How can a mind limited to ignorance,
Be turned around and convinced...
Wounding to self inflict itself,
Is an act very few if any accepts as being brave.

Yet there are many with perceptions believed,
They can enforce their stupidity...
Upon others who will eventually find they too crave,
Ideals picked from days past...
To co-exist with that which long has faded,
From the minds of those who have lost patience...
With those stuck in pretentious nostalgia.

And with hopes their stubbornness,
Will turn back a ticking clock...
They can not stop from moving forward,
Out of darkness just to have themselves seen...
As winners regardless if it means,
Bringing themselves to the brink of disaster.

'We will never concede to anyone proving us to be,
Incompetent, fools or morons.'

~Don't worry about it.
Conceding, condoning or keeping it hidden,
Will not change what you and the others...
Have already exposed as evidence.~

'Your comments we find offensive.'

~Trust me...
My comments made to you are mild.
I've learned to be civil and tolerant of fools.
Maturity has had that affect on me.~

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thanks for this one on stubborness, Lawrence