Poem Hunter
Limited Visions
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Limited Visions

By their own hands,
From self serving,
And limited visions.
Continue they do to view,
Divisions to explore...
Behind exclusive doors.
With intent and purpose,
To weaken links and rust bonds.
As foundations crumble.
Ignored by the rich.
Perceiving from this,
They enhance their profits.
Leaving them to benefit.

And by their own hands,
Limited to a mindset...
More dependent on possessions.
And obsessed greed to impress.
Until humanity is devalued.
Which leaves trust to rust.
Manufactured by inner, Conflicts.

Conflicts to praise.
With hollow faith worshipped.
Worshipped to see eventually,
Beliefs they have kept to keep
Has left them blinded,
To an oblivion sought...
That completes their arrival.
An arrival sought and finally,

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