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Limping Like Snails
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Limping Like Snails

I try to refrain from making public,
My 'dated' observations.
Or make them sound as if I campaign,
For a return of accountability...
When I remember those responsible,
Who did not run from anything to get done.

I 'try' to keep my opinions restricted,
To those who may be offended...
I attempt to use my mind to actually think.
And proud I am of the ones much younger,
Who express themselves...
To leave behind the elderly and their foolish whims.

I 'try' to do this...
As I observe those shuffling along,
Using walkers and canes and complaining of pains.
I 'try' to keep my opinions restricted,
Around those limping like snails...
And expressing 'still' their youthful wishes.

'Let it go! '

I'm trying.
But the fiber is fighting against my desire.

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