Lincoln Monument: Washington

Let's go see Old Abe
Sitting in the marble and the moonlight,
Sitting lonely in the marble and the moonlight,
Quiet for ten thousand centuries, old Abe.
Quiet for a million, million years.


And yet a voice forever
Against the
Timeless walls
Of time-
Old Abe.

by Langston Hughes

Comments (12)

A visionary poem about Abraham Lincoln, or rather his marble statue in Washington, where he sits lonely in the moonlight, quiet for ten thousand centuries, 'for a million million years-' old Abe. Yet he is still a voice against the 'timeless walls', which I take to be barriers between different races, different social classes. A short but magnificent ode.
To see old Abe! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
A voice for Against the timeless walls of time Old Abe An awesome conceptualization.
I visited this monument in June. The eyes and hands of it are particularly life-like and well done. -GK
Just like time and space, which have no ends, edges and corners, AL's voice too have no ends, edges and corners. They are not time bound even. Brilliantly crafted poem. Congrats on your positioning. X
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