Lincoln's View

With our nation on the march again,
Marching to the ballot gain,
The Electorate queued,
the candidate coasted home in victory.
They called, knowing that the people's mandate won and
all work will be in full gear.

We all waited in the states,
We observed the happenings.
The cities turned bears listening,
for the interpretation in Lincoln's view
A government of the people,
for the people,
and by the people.

Alas! the Clock stood still
Because it was
in neo-Lincoln's review,
The rulers
for the rulers,
and by the rulers.

Tension walked through the gates of cities
Terror became our neighbours,
and everybody became a suspect
The rich becoming richer,
the poor becoming poorer.
So was the saying,
in the parliament of the masses
Cooking the corn with water in a leaf bowl,
Made by stitching plantain and cocoyam leafs.

Copyright © Felix Emeka George | 10 Jul 2017

by Felix Emeka George

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I'll confess, you have the skillful pen. The pen! Keep the good work.