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Linda And Bill
HH Herbert Hudson ( / Silver Spring, Maryland)

Linda And Bill

The Colorado mountains were covered with snow, and the skies were blue On the September day when Linda and Bill made promises true. Before Deacon Lynn in the church of Immaculate Mary They took their vows in blissful solitary. With Debbie on her left and James on his right. The families extended were present and bright. In Linda's background, her youth in the east With sister Debbie, hunted blackberries to feast. Then Bill's west up-bringing savored the least Of difference in accent with a cross of Jinny's mid-west And Hal's Brooklyn-ese, softened by years in Denver And influenced by Jimmy, Karen and Hank. Bill's length off the tee would scare a Travino But Linda's persistence may equal a scorino With a deft short game and heat on the putter She may equal her spouse or he won't get butter. All wished them the happiest of futures and fortunes abound In the brightest tomorrows that may be found With God's blessings to guide and keep you May you find the enduring love that comes to but a few.

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