Line Without A Hook

our eyes wont meet because you're too busy watching her cry
i've told you time after time that she doesnt love
the words she tells you turn into lies the second you look away
it doesnt matter how many months you've been together
or the numerous times she's said 'you're the only one for me'
the truth is most of it isnt even true.
i've always been here for you but your times running out
you chose her over me and made that very clear.
yes i'll still be here for you once she's shattered you into pieces but we both know it wont be the same
you'd have me in your arms but her in your heart
and its not my place to say to leave her
we both know that wouldnt be right
but how much more are you going to take
all the scars and all the fights
i can make you happy and i've proven it time after time
but you've made it clear that all i will ever be is your saftey cushion to catch you when you fall.
many more girls will come and go but i will remain put
im here to help because i care
i just hope one day you'll understand.

by bree nada

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