Poem By Denver Fredericks

Today as the days before
I thought about you
And as I thought a smile broke
Pure innocent and true
More and more broader still
Just because of you.

You keep tugging at my heart
A warm relieving sigh
Light headed heart racing glow
In a muddle pretzel tie
But it does put things in perspective
A good feeling my oh my

Written words now engraved
I’ll take your offer and buy
Want to give up loneliness
Give up emptiness no more to cry
I’ll give all your questions answers
Never from now need to pry

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How does it melt into the distance?
Fleeting does not come close
To truly capture the speed of time
A quantum sprint of the prose

Prove It

Prove it resounds in my head
Okay I love you easiest words
now prove it,
considering I left that doesn’t aide

I Want

I want, the impossible I ruthlessly chase
The dreams the goals the aspirations
Sweating heartache, living regret, and anguish
All to fill the need to have what I want


Waited again today, patiently waited
So many promises and promises of promises
Yet we wait a bit longer a bit more
Just to see someone fulfill their promise

More Than Maybe

You may just be better off without me
Blame is a word that was not intended
Although you have the rights to it
It is justified you don’t have to pretend

Rash Enigma

have this inate desire to acquire knowledge
a need to have questions answered
mysteries revealed mazes leading pledge
but you're an enigma, mind boggling