I saw a ship sail forth at evening time;
Her prow was gilded by the western fire,
And all her rigging one vast golden lyre,
For winds to play on to the ocean's rhyme
Of wave on wave forever singing low.
She floated on a web of burnished gold,
And in such light as praying men behold
Cling round a vision, were her sails aglow.
I saw her come again when dawn was grey,
Her wonder faded and her splendor dead — '
She whom I loved once had upon her way
A light most like the sunset. Now 'tis sped.
And this is saddest — what seemed wondrous fair
Are now but straight pale lips, and dull gold hair.

by Sara Teasdale

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Hey Hugh, One of your more thought provoking pieces and definitely one of your finest poetical moments. I personally rate it on the same plane as 'The Space Between Thoughts.' Demonstrative of your multi-faceted, overall acumen. Yes sir, that's one hell of a melon you have there! You even managed to throw a Groucho line in as well with (& 1 very short Lithuanian?) . A highly engrossing offering and worthy of a tremendous 10 (and I don't hand these out like candy, either) . Have a cigar and a glass of cognac, Hugh because you deserve it. Respectfully, Gregory
This was a really enjoyable read Hugh. It was very inticute in parts but you also speak much truth in it. It's the sort of poem I'm sure even my maths teacher would like! Brilliant, and the end, I feel, is totally justified. Well done. Best wishes, Seán
EXTREMELY clever and witty arguments leading to a most humanitarian finish. Love it, love it, love it. With great respect and admiration, Gina.
This is very clever and well written. I won't hear the term 'crossed the line' again without thinking of this...and realizing that lines should be love. That's the 'bottom line' after all. :) Raynette
Hugh, absolutely superb. By turns (by line?) both funny and insightful. As a poem, this is Intelligent Design.
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