Lines About Tintern Abbey

I'm afraid we won't get to Tintern Abbey today
Indeed we won't, not now, not ever
Paved roads all over, surrounded by new ecologies
Daunted by time

Smog comes rolling in, mixed with clouds of acid rain
Supersonic thundering as jets go flashing by
Bursting moments of revere, memories jolted by sirens
Screaming fire engines and ambulances

The lights went out, was it from blasphemy
The storm outside, knocked down the electric wires
Bumping toes and long elbows, became hostile
Till candelight returned the sanity of safety

By flickering candle light I try to recapture moments
Of romantic images and join memories, of the Abbey
Shut my mind, open my soul, listen to the strains and voices

by shimon weinroth

Comments (1)

Fine piece. Imagery very moving. Great message.