(20 October 1854 – 10 November 1891 / Charleville, Ardennes)

Lines, An Excerpt From

When the world comes down to this one dark wood
Before our four astonished eyes...
To a beach for two faithful children...
To a house of music, for our clear accord...
I will find you.
Let there be no one here below but one old man,
Beautiful and calm, surrounded with 'unimagined luxury'...
I will be at your feet.
Let me penetrate all of your memories...
Let me be that woman who can bind you hand and foot...
I will strangle you.
When we are very strong - who can hold us back?
And very gay - how can ridicule harm us?
When we are very bad - what can they do to us?
Dress yourself up,
And dance,
And laugh.
I could never throw Love out the window.

(translated by Paul Schmidt)

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