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Lines On My Face
AM (21/11/67 / Plymouth Uk)

Lines On My Face

I am feeling the lines grow on my face now
Day by day living as well I as I can
I wish for you my darling; I wish I could hold you
But my life is not meant to be with you yet
I could hold you and have no regrets,
I want you to touch my lips and you to tell me
You know in your heart it's going to be ok
I am living in the waiting for you my love,
I can close my eyes and dream of us as one
A touch so sweet and a love for me to keep
The people say there is someone for me
Please little lady try not to rush,
I want to scream and tell them to keep it hush
But as the years go by the fear is creeping
All over me and my body now is not so young
I feel the lines on my face and hands are more and more
Yes I feel for the years that pasted and the time that flows
I know my time is getting close to being forever alone
I have a shyness kills anything I have or do
I am a photographer who hides behind her lens
I know I am safe there behind it, I can be me
I love see beauty of the sea and our beautiful land
I see couples walking on the beach holding hands
I smile and take the photos of their memories
But a tear comes to my eyes because I know this is not me
So once again my darling soul mate hear my call
Come to me before it's too late, please my darling
Save me from my fate and be the man waiting for me
And keeping me having you now, now my darling now.

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