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Lines That Separate
JH (January 4,1931 / a citizen of the world)

Lines That Separate

I have a sense of desperation because
the next turn on this rutted road is blind.
I'm unable to control my direction, or destiny.

Headlights on high beam mar my vision.
I can't see the white lines that separate life
from serious injury, or death.

Then it happened, my mind turned off.
I pressed the accelerator to the floor,
relishing the eerie squeal of the tyres
and the oncoming horrendous crash.

'No need to rush, ' a paramedic said.
He's terribly dead.'

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Comments (2)

'Terribly dead' is brilliant. The lines that separate are a brilliant metaphor for the mind going off the rails - either in a dream or in a moment of irrationality. Thank god your inner child has thus far kept you safe. A fascinating piece that helps the reader understand. love, Allie xxxx
Jerry, the poetic vision (as encapsulated in the last two lines) is also terribly good! Rgds, Ivan