Lines To The Athletic Meet

Poem By Remedios Villanueva Miguel

Oh! Athletic meet,
Art thou a curse or a blessing?
Art thou an evil spirit
Or a Golden link of friendship?
From the small classmates to the world-wide, you grow by leaps and bounds
Young or old, friend or foe you rebound
Different races and people from pole to pole you carry
To a common place, Oh! Athletic meet, you are a strong chord in the brotherhood of humanity.
From the weak, frail, and unhealthy
You develop hale and sound citizens of the country
From the ignorant, hot-tempered you develop to a character so sterling
Oh! Athletic meet, you are a blessing.
Athletic meet, you come and go
To many places, bringing with you
Warm handclasps, sweet kisses to old friends
And bunch of opportunities to friend seekers.
Confirmed at thy presence, they welcome you smilingly
To sip the sweet nectar of friendship joyfully,
With love and care they become fond with each other
Then at last! you tear them asunder: Oh! how painful!
Athletic meet, you are a curse.
Admired thou art by people young and old
To them a wondrous dream you unfold
To the doubting-the failures, a curse you bring
To the persevering-the victors, you are a blessing.

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