IS (February 26th 1983 / Central Java > Indonesia)

Lines Written After Seeing A Lady Who Weep (An Ode To T[iyas] U[tami])

Oh how pity of thee, who kiss’d by affliction,
And betray’d by him who sweet in smile;
Thou trust thy heart in his affection,
Yet, unaware by his handsome vile!

No used spills a tear for him,
Who marks the solemn vow to break;
While another soul waits to light thy heart that dims,
A mission to bestow an amorous boon unfake!

Why thou still love him,
Despite all the torment he has done;
While another soul waits to treat thou like nymph,
Wishing thou to taste an elegance banquet of blissfulness foregone!

by Instalasi Sastra

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