My Prince, My Prince

Poem By Rebekah Lacelle

… a world of birds and ponds,
this world
of camphor-scented glades, a new one
in morning flames beyond each one
my soul comes and inquires within,

one with showers of light spotting the sea’s nameless floors,
nameless glades, full of chatter,
colored roots, great cats loping in retreat,
big-eyed dogs licking and shameless,

and never the solitaire hand of money-making,
the forcing plow before the money-shire,
the clink of scheming, the cuss of sweat,

but a world that washes, cools, christens with scent,
a world of life farmed with the seeds of death,
a world that refreshes the music I had thought was psalms …

Comments about My Prince, My Prince

a lovely i would want to be something in it-thanks for sharing-10
I'd like to have heard more of this music the writer mentioned. And who played it. But that is too fine a point. I get the message. I have actually dreamt of such a world. With me in it, of course, otherwise there's no point. It may be a better world. But, it wouldn't matter would it. GW62
yes, indeed the toils of materialism paint this world so different. v nice.
This is a beautiful poem, I could read it over and over and over.

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