Rapturous Passion

Silk draped words of tenderness
Encapsulate shared dreams,
And whimsical whispers gently brush
Against two beating hearts,
Entwined in private rituals accord
No time or space exists apart from theirs.

Musky melding intoxicating scents
Abridge both lovers' souls,
In vapour resonance their love unfolds
In singularity they both reside,
For they seek not approval
From a tainted unexacting world.

by Phillip Gallant

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Comments (3)

I like the principles and sentiment expressed and yet, Raymond, the new gadget offer so much connectivity in so many ways, it may be worth taking the time and effort to get familiar with them.
This is an amazing work...I like the effect your words create...speed, time, time moving faster and faster. You almost force the reader to hold a breath until the last word is reached...A 10.
A universal and time long tradition.: -)