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Linked To A Steam Engine
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Linked To A Steam Engine

If folks enjoy riding backward,
On the caboose of a train...
That sits on a track,
Linked to a steam engine!
And waiting for the conductor to announce,
When their journey will begin.
I am certainly no one they will regard,
As someone they will respect as qualified...
To tell them,
The 'trip' they await...
Is as outdated as their purpose!
And I am not the one who will gain their attention...
That will interrupt their munching,
On babyback barbecue ribs...
Or their fried chicken sandwiches!
Assisted by the blaring of gospel music.
Some hold onto traditions as if cemented,
By their conditioning.
And this has to have for them some value,
To maintain.
So it is best to leave these 'visions' intact.
Or be attacked for being a maverick!

'Isn't that right, Jesse?
Whose 'nuts' were those? '

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