Angel Face

My darling and beautiful love,
You have been sent to me from above.
I am so grateful to have you,
And all my love I will give too.

You must have come from heaven and more,
Because your heart is soft and pure.
When you start to cry and try to fly,
My heart suddenly begins to raise.

Your sweet lovely voice,
Keep make noise in my ear,
But with you by my side,
There is nothing to fear.

We are here together and even so,
You always shine forever and more.
Your beauty is my happiness in this whole world,
Raises me up the sky and I will pray to our lord.

Yes, heaven is missing your great pace,
because you are here with me and with my fate.
I'll love you for eternity and for all your grace.
Because you're my sweet, beautiful Angel face

by Gianni Pintus

Comments (2)

Incredible poetry. Mysteries enmeshed within the words.
This is the style of poem one would expect from the poet. A little deep. A little mystical.