KP (July 20,1992 / Idaho, Twin Falls)

Lion 1

There was once a Female Cat,
Who thought she was all that.
She was always so playful,
But never quite careful…

One day this young Cat,
Found a male would not chat.
He was, in fact, a Tom,
Who will soon make her a young mom…

She did not think it would happen,
Because she was still a kitten.
So now when she grew fat,
She became an outside cat.

Soon she had no choice but tell the Tom,
That soon she will be the mom.
And that he now had,
A family for he is the Dad.

A young beautiful female cat,
One who is now very fat…
An upset Tom,
Is not ready for the new mom.

Soon three kittens are born,
Now they face the Summer’s scorn.
After all of them where punt,
The only survivor was the Runt.

This little female kitten,
Is the best fit, like a mitten...
She is a perfect mix of her parents,
But no on thought she would be worth a cent…

Her true name was hidden,
So everyone teased and hurt this little Kitten.
Now every called her Runt,
In fact her name was the fount.

She was teased and used by her friends,
But she was still nice to them.
She never gave up hope but,
That was before she was got cut…

When she found reality,
She was no longer playful and happy.
She was used she was wounded,
Now she is hidden…

She made herself a cocoon,
She was already seen as a loon.
In her mind she now will hide,
There is no law against it there is no fine…

But as the scars come harder,
To this poor kitten who makes life softer.
She found everyone else cures,
But no one was grateful or sure.

Soon she made a mask,
It was a sad task…
She was lost in fear,
In a deep worry, no one could hear.

She screamed for help,
But her little smile would not yelp!
She was in pain she was sick,
All because no one gave a shit!

This kitten just hid more from the world,
She did seem to grow in her mind, like she was older.
She made a costume,
That soon just destroyed her; she was consumed…

She once got so hurt.
She now has too much woe to curt.
Now she hides in a turtle shell,
Because she hopes to fall in hell.

One day she became so sick,
From thinking and being so hard on herself.
Now she prays for death…

One day a Lion comes,
And is loved by everyone.
He is perfect in their head,
But he has an awful dread…

He saw a rose with great beauty,
That was perfect, but had a hard duty.
When it is use for love,
It will hurt that anyone….

The Lion now had the worst thorn.
But he never knew the pain it thrown.

Too late…

After he was teased,
But still loved by everybody.
Runt saw his pain,
She knew nothing is to be gained…

She left her little shell to help,
But was only left to yelp!
The Lion saw this masked dressed up Thing!
So as he was the King,

He Roared!
Runt screamed.

She soon saw the pain in his eyes!
She knew she could unhide.
And not be harmed by the love in his eyes.

So she took off her mask,
She took off her shell,
She took off her costume.
The Lion just stared now.

“Hello, Lion” she said
“…” He did not answer.
“I am going to help you, don’t worry” she smiled
When she said that. Then headed toward his paw.

After she tugged at it for hours,
“If I can’t pull this out, then let this be OURS! ”
She worked on it for days.
Telling this quite Lion everything.

One day there was a big secret unlocked.


It is gone!

“No more thorn…” The Lion finally said.
“Ah, yes… You have a nice voice, ” She said (for this was the first time he talked)
“My name is Leo, I am not Lion” he said stern
“Thank you, Kitten” he smiled at her

‘Ow! What happen? ’ she asked herself
“I am glad to have no more thorns” he said happy
But in fact the thorns was reborn inside her…
(To be continued)

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