KP (July 20,1992 / Idaho, Twin Falls)

Lion 2

Pain in her limb,
She is dizzy but she hides it well.
She hides this pain in her shell,
Like everything else, it seems to work well.

The Lion is thankful,
His joy gives her fuel.
She cuddles by him when he sleeps,
She is in love, warmed by his heat.

The Lion worries,
She is sorry,
“Do not worry, Lion, All is good” she lies
He knows “ But I still do…” he would say softly

She wonders what will happen,
Now that she has her dreams.
But now she is in love,
With a Mighty King.

But how can a King such as he,
Be in love with some one like me?
I am not pretty,
My tail is all bent; I don’t even look like a kitty…

I don’t sing well like the other cats,
I don’t do mouse hunts like them,
I am not normal -_-
I am a mortal

You’re amazing,
You’re a King!
You are stronger then men,
Your soul is pure ^^

Your thoughts are like mine,
You understand everything, even my mind?
I love you Lion,
But is it destined to be…

Runt is lost and scared
No one seems to be there.
Lion is there but she can’t tell him,
She loves him, but her logic is dim…

I know nothing right,
I am blind at night.
I think weird.
But she smiles for they are friends ^. ^

She does not want to worry him,
Why should she tell him her fears?
It is the thorns power over her,
Can’t life be right for one year?

The Lion knows her,
He can see her hide her fears.
He saw her without the mask,
Now he can see her silly task.

“Tell me, Runt, ” he says
“Yes, Lion? ” she says to obey.
“What is your real name? ”
“R-real name? ”

“Hmmm, is it not Runt? ”
“No, it is not Runt.” he says
“Like how my name is, not Lion”

“Ah, yes it is… I am sorry Lio-Leo, ” she says shyly
“What is your name? ” he says roughly
“Uh? ” she remembers the roar of anger.

“I don’t know…” she flinches waiting for the scratch of disapprove
“Yes, I know… I am sorry…” he says looking away...
He turns to see her eyes,
“I love you, Riley”

No, she thinks,
“R-r-reko? ”
“Yes, your name is Reko” He smiles
“But that is a human name, An Imp’s name” She is in fear

“Yes” he says
“Your not a cat-“
She interrupts “No”
If he loves me then he will lose his Lioness!

She does not know the power,
That the thorn has.
Everything goes wrong,
She is afraid.

She runs from him,
She runs back with this new pain
She has guilt
She has ruined everything…

“Leo go live a life that does not have me in it! I am worthless don’t waste your life on me! I am not good I am bad! I love you with all my heart! But I can’t dare hog you! Everything I done goes wrong! I can’t have you in pain such as that! I am sorry for everything! ”

She ran to the first pain,
She was running in vain.
She worries too much,
She even admits it.

But in her blind run,
She runs into the bush that hurt the Leo the Lion,
The Rose Bush,
The bush of Thorns…

To get out will cost her.
She accepts it.
Now she is to be full of thorns

No long can she hide it.
But she runs
She runs to try to protect the Lion
But there is an ocean near -_-

She can’t swim,
She fears water so bad.
But there she is
On the cliff with death.

Staring into the water,
She thinks she is evil
But to kill her self is shellfish.
But then she is pushed!

Hated, betrayed, hurt, bleeding, Envied, hopeless.
“Good Bye, RUNT! ”

Water like glass waits to hit her
Down to Death
“I am sorry” was all she said
Before she hit the water dead.
Her body recovered from the sea,
Everyone wonders what she sees
What she saw
And who did this.

All is here
Even those who hurt her,
But above all
Loved her

Tears fall.
But what does she see?
What does the Lion See?
Before she died.
She was in the water,
She saw a Rose

“White Rose”
She was human and did not see it
With out any cloths to cover her soft skin,
She goes to the Rose.

“White Rose, I ask you? ”
“Why am I vanishing? ”
“Why Do I fear you? ”
‘Why Do I love you”

She reaches out for the Rose
A Rose with white thorns,
White stem,
White petals…

But when touched,
When pierce…

“White Rose”
“Red Blood”

(To be continued)

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Comments (3)

This sounds like a deep poem already imagine when you finish it....... exellent ...The lion didn't push her over the edge did he...?
This is the longest poem I ever read on PoemHunter, and still it isn't finished! I think it deserves the 10 I have given it.
Katrin I see myself in you. It was very powerful. I..listen kat follow your heart... im going to write the finishing touchings on this story