Lion 5

Drip Drop waterfall,
Drip Drop trip and crawl.
Soaked WET, full of dread,
‘Don’t stop, Riley, you’re ahead! ’

“RILEY! ” yelled the King,
‘Don’t look back at him, keep running! ’
Riley is no longer Runt, no longer an imp,
Yet still she is a human wimp.

Tears fell from her face,
She knew she was the worst disgrace.
Her hair flew everywhere,
As wonderful as a fires flare.

‘I can’t be with him, he does not love me like that’
In her head came the voice of the former cat.
‘I can’t even love him with the Lioness over head…’
She pictured a radiant Lioness with a beautiful wingspread.

As the Princess Sparrow looked into the heavens mirror,
She sang her songs that now hold joy then she looked over.
She gasped as she saw the former Lioness (who was also the cat) run into black water,
She thought she could not watch her drown then she heard the voice of a Father.

A Great Dame stood looking his eyes full of sorrow,
“My dear Sparrow, do not follow.”
His voice was great and power though he was not mad,
“Sir, please don’t tell me not to help, your not her dad.”

“And what makes you say that? ” he smiled,
“You are a Dog, She is a big cat. I am thinking the story you’re to tell is worthwhile? ”
“Yes… I am the big dog… She went towards the cat… She is not the bravest but, ”
He sighed then a tear fell, “She is my oldest daughter, I regret making her-that is a secret”

“Sir, what is your name? What is your story? ” Princess Sparrow asked,
“Why are you dead…” she knew she had to undo his mask.
“I died from my try to be a cat. I was drowned by teen human boys.”
He snarled then turned to face her, “In that past life I was a Tomboy.”

As they talked they former Cat ran.
‘I have to think quick, I need a plan.’
She thought.
Then she felt she must learn to swim fast, she aught.

It did not occur to her that she couldn’t swim,
Her fears where the same, though all are still dim.
As the water raised and soaked her dress,
She thought to take it off for it was useless.

Yet something in her, a human thing, said doesn’t skinning dip.
She soon could not run so much and her foot got stuck, soon she saw a ship.
The ship seemed to run from the ocean, for a Great Wave was coming with Thorns!
‘Noo! The King will be hurt! I can’t have him hurt because of me! He must be forewarn! ’

She tried to turn to him but her foot was still stuck in a rock.
She ever wished for her wonderful catwalk!
So she yelled as high as she was to be bold as a tree,

As King Lion ran towards Riley,
He did not choose to listen to her cry.
“I am coming I wont let you go! ”
“No, ” she yelled, “ A wave is coming a fro! ”

“Then why don’t you run from it? ”
She had sorrow in her voice, “ I am stuck I can’t move, I admit”
“Then let me help you! I don’t want you to leave me! ”
She choked on water that was now leveled with her chin, “ Love for me wont be easy.”

“I don’t care! ” yelled King Lion
‘Now, ’ he thought, ‘ I must stop yelling and take action! ’
“Go back don’t come you will die too! ” she yelled in fear,
“King Lion, Go after Princess Sparrow, I love you too dear.”

He was touched when she said she does love him.
“If you love me why tell me to leave, why think so dim? ”
He said with worry as the water from the wave started to drown her,
“I Love you! Don’t let this be your last Chapter! ”

The last bit of breath she used was,
“What is my name? Riley or Recko or Runt? Or what has, ”
Then the water swallowed her completely.
Now the King swims blind for he can’t see her body.

“Noo! ” yelled Princess Sparrow,
“They have to live happily after, oh no! ”
Then The Great Dame said in the most serious voice she will ever hear,
“It is said that one day ‘The Lion and the Lamb Will one day sleep near.’”

‘She is as shy as a lamb, but Leo in not mean.’ Sparrow thought.
‘Maybe I can sneak down there and make time move faster uncaught’
She smiled at that and planed how she will do it.
Then she decided that she shall “fall” down to transmit.

As she took that step The Great Dame watched with wise eyes,
“Do not try it, don’t think you can fool me! I can see the LIE! ”
What he did next shocked her,
He jumped and grabbed her dress and threw her into the sky, so much further.

Then with the most Powerful Bark,
He was to leave he dearest last Mark.
“Let Everyone Know That The Dog Blesses The Lions! ”
Then the sky went dark and everything froze then the former Lioness said, “Allen! ”

The wave was stopped and the Great Dame gone,
Riley and Leo where on a Hill far from water on a Hill called Swan.
Sparrow was in a forest with golden trees everywhere,
It was clear she landed by her Castle from long ago, ‘That was Unfair! ’

Soon Riley woke up too see Leo’s face by hers,
She did not move for she froze until she realized he snores.
‘He is asleep! He is alive! But am I dead? ’ she lifted her hands,
She went to touch his head then her fingers meet his long red-golden hair that she expands.

She went up to his ear and said is a soft faint whisper, “My love, If you hear me I am not dead, ”
She felt a tear fall, “ We are now humans, one purebred.”
“Sparrow wants us to live happy, so until I find her we shall live like man”
“I will go to school I will make me worth something, that is my plan.”

The King did not budge or show anything.
She kissed his forehead then sat up to start walking.
‘Down the hill don’t regret,
Down the road to the town Lunette.’

She sang a song to herself,
Knowing that she is worse then her Cat-self.
When she came to the town they told her school will start tomorrow,
So now she knew summer is over and must go get proper outfits to follow.

She did not know of money,
So life did not take her funny.
She went to this one store and asked for some dresses,
He said, “For you miss I will.” Trying to send her a message,

Leo woke up with Riley’s words in his head.
The Town! Is he too late! Is she dead!
He ran down the hill with regret,
He ran down the road to Lunette.

He asked if school has already started?
Then he saw a cat print from a shoe, blooded?
‘No! ’ he thought and followed.
Luckily school will start tomorrow.

But Where is The Princess Sparrow?

by Kathrine Philip

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