Lion Lion

Lion you are fabulous creature
The king of the jungle
You are known mighty one
You are the feared by many
Your roar is loud and scary
It echoes and reverberates around
through the prairies and safaris
the woods and mountains
The animals are frightened
when they hear your loud voice
They run and try to hide
fearing for their lives
You follow them in pursuit
Hungry, hungry for a meal
This is your way for survival
A hard hard way to live
You have a majestic look
With your golden hair manes
It shows pride and authority
It attracts lioness females
Your jaw and canine are crushing
At day light you are at rest
and have a long nab
At the darkness of night
you are awake and ready
scouting for a prey to eat
Long, long live you lion
You are well known as
the king of the jungle

by Sherif Monem

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