Lip Stick And Wine

' the glass of wine sweet, kissed by ruby red lipstick traces '
in better days mark the moment when laughter was drunken
and vision seemed a blur
time was distant..... no hurried desire
champagne bubbles rose as a giggle

delight was as evident like the wink of an eye
wine was the color of the lipstick smear

oh the music settled on our feet
holding no regard for unpleasant prose
poetry was the tune, constant in mind
like a melody of farewell songs and hangover mornings

the fog held secrets high from reach
then forgotten for a time
yielding the numbness to feeling awry
somewhere covered was deciet so sweet
an enemy in transit
mixed with spirits and lipstick stains

so elegant was the goblet held in hand
as though a bomb of destruction in body and mind

the bottle now empty, just a memory expired
is to some liquid fire.

by Myrtle Thomas

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