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Broken Heart
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Broken Heart

You asked me if I knew what I had done
How I pushed the knife deep and cut your heart wide open....
to bleed...
pieces of your broken heart falling to the floor.

You asked if I knew the pain I had caused,
that your heart ached and your chest hurt from my knife wound
that you couldn't breathe without pain.

You asked that I not do this again
what were you thinking, how could you do this to the woman you love?
I fall to the floor in my anguish and panic trying to put the pieces back together...
they fall from my hands as I weep....
For I had caused this, for I had not seen how much you loved me.
I was clouded by my fear, doubt, my selfishness
I knew you were so close to the edge, that I could loss you forever
I saw the pain and love in your eyes and I wept yet again.

I tried to kiss you but my lips only brushed yours as you moved away
I deserved that
my penance for not being love, for not cherishing and embracing you.

I now breathe deeply....
hoping that it's not to late
My mask that I thought protected me was a lie
it kept you out, kept the world out....how could I not see?

I pulled the mask off and I breathe
so much simplier, cleaner
the mask dangles from my hand and I reach down again to the pieces of your heart,
the mask falls to the ground as I need both hands to gentle place the pieces in my basket
this will take time to repair as I sit at a table and begin.

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