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Lips Freer To Speak
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Lips Freer To Speak

My hands seem to tremble...
And not as nimble as they were.
My legs seem to shake,
With each step I take.
My vision once clear...
Now without glasses blur!
My words once chosen,
Are quick to blurt and stir!
Blunt are passages,
That dance on my tongue.
And I find myself caught,
As stunned as everyone!
My mind and time...
Are better now defined.
And when I leave an opinion given,
I leave it as delivered...
Without a need to feel it must be driven!
I don't beat around the bush...
Or hide behind the trees!
I finally found who I am...
And pleased to reveal that reality as 'me'!
Although aging has made my lips freer to speak,
It has taken my ass a little longer to flee.
With a bravery intact...
That empowers my pride and dignity!

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Your eyes are blurrin' cause of the BP...And the smokin' but you, gettin' old, never...Never! I have talked to you remember...I heard your voice, remember? You gettin' old, Never! Theo