Poem Hunter
A.N.Z.A.C Cove
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A.N.Z.A.C Cove


At Anzac Cove we dashed ashore, we were full of hope and dread

We were met with sand and bullets flying, soon we could be dead

'Up there get at them! ' came about the rallying cry

A tide of khaki green rushed forward not knowing who might die

Fellows dropped around me, some a Mothers only Son..

We did our duty to every man, friends dying on the run

Never a thought of what was upon us, the mission was quite clear

Onwards.. Forever forward 'OUR MATES ARE IN THE REAR! '

My brother fell beside me..., I couldn't falter or stop

Our orders were to take that ridge. Straight on towards the top

For we had to clear the path, the enemy ahead was full in sight

To dig a trench in that hard soil whilst schrapnell flew_ a dreadful plight

So many lost, so young... now never to come home

Remember them _ Lest We Forget...

For they all rest alone

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