Lips Of The Past

I live upon the lips of Poets past
And the love upon their pages,
Never felt as two apart,
But as one in time.

Intoxicating moments
Imagined flawlessly,
Weaving thoughts
Endlessly felt.

We muse the night
To catch a moment
Upon our souls,
We unite!

Once fully lived
Whose stirring words
They bring to life
Who come now to me.

Yet pain to my breast
In longing I feel.
And cleave to them
To whom I appeal.

Emotions spill
As they within
Whisper without.
God’s music still,
From lips of the past!

by Steve Crisenberry

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I just love this. I was initially attracted to the title of this because it reminded me of the title of one of my own, 'Lost Lips', but had to smile - much bigger than I already was - when I read it, and it reminded me of another of mine that was completely different from 'Lost Lips'. It's called 'Sacrament' and if you happen to come across it, my guess is that you'll find that we agree. I'm adding this to my favorite poems page. Thank you so much for posting it to share here.