Liqid Dreams

On quiet afternoons like this
I can sit and write

Open my eyes, or
take a walk,

See the beauty here in Park Slope;

Once I heard someone say:

Never sway away from the dream,

So I built where- there were no permits

In sand,
Even the air castles.

There was more:

If I turn on the computer screen you're

It's all real

There's a liquid dream- behind the colored

I can feel your energy,
Your love...
Send instant messages

Tell you of quiet surrender;

The shyness I had to overcome with quelling

To survive...

And to become a New Yorker.


I'll send you an electronic mail, instead
Of a letter,

I'll hug the computer,
Should be you instead...

When I stop to look back I might recall
Some things

I might say how I care,
But in reality it's all a lie- a liquid dream.

by Silvana Krculic

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