I long for her to speak,
To let loose a little phrase.
She runs rampant through my mind,
While all I can do is tweak
My memory to make it last a little longer.

Perhaps I could play the part of a poet,
Sift through my heart and unleash the feelings of my days.
I could show that I’m compassionate and kind.
These things and more I could do, though it
Would require great trust and I mustn’t let it linger.

She’s still now, clutched lovingly in my arms.
Where are her thoughts? Drifting in a haze?
Will she sleep tonight or will she show me some sign
That when we’re together we’ll come to no harm?
With a single glance at her my heart grows stronger.

Ever closer we snuggle.
Forming a match to each other’s bodies as clay
Molding, intertwining and growing one over time;
Ever closer we cuddle.
How odd to think she once was a stranger.

I lean in, trickle whispers in her ear.
Peering down I catch a sensual gaze.
Searching deep in those hazel pools, those precious eyes.
The sight of such beauty almost sheds a tear
Yet I hide it through sensuous nuzzling.

An inspired, passionate kiss;
A soft breathe across the lips, simple games we play.
Illuminating my soul, how bright she shines.
Pure ecstasy, an incredible bliss
An inspired, passionate kiss

Tell me a secret…

I Love You

by Ian Smith

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