MN (11-08-1970 / )

Liquid Gold

The tub was quickly filling just like everyday before.
Today, something was different and it burned within my core.

As I was gently lounging, just letting the tub fill
I realized the irony and what a bitter pill.

This water that I'm watching could easily save a life.
This could make the difference for a man, his kids and wife.

I quickly stopped the water out of reflex more than need.
I felt almost ashamed of myself for nurturing my greed.

How can I lie here lounging, just wasting ''liquid gold''
while just a drink would save them, the young as well as old?

by Mary Nagy

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Mary, to us it's just water but for so many others the line between life and death is as clear as clean water. We waste it, they crave it. A powerful and compassionate write! Brian
Oops Mary do I hear the screech of the ploughshare hitting bedrock in this poem's last couplet?
Mary, you are so beautiful and considerate, and I appreciate that!
Being stuck in the desert, I miss taking baths - and I don't even like them. I do like this poem, however!
There are at least a couple of hearts in evidence here. H
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