Liquid Torn Illumination

Liquid Torn Illumination

smoldering duration of piercing eyes lurking
searching & seeking in the midnight blood
portals filled with vast darkened madness

eyes, hands & face
following headlong at the seams
the mind is vast has many connections
some are lost torn to a world of scorn

Scientists search for a reason to believe yet what?
there the tool of the government & industry to
they have bitten off more then they could chew
Liquid torn illumination

hearts are beating today to the brigade of doom
death is there plight having viscous fangs that bite
eyes with spots having holes
others ponder there flight in the midnight air

As a space ship looks down to planet earth
looking on to the immense expanse of space & time
to look into the vast domain with an inner torn reflection
the inner mind is fixed with noise pollution

that's why many cleave to suicide as a solution
they hide behind the dark hidden garb of compromise
Can't we each see through all those lies
At death's door there is an immediate sting

the illumination of love in its twilight aura of revolution
everyone believes in something but what?
no one questions anymore no one has a voice
having eyes with tombstones in their heads

these are desolate time yet we settle for ill but faded rhymes
still a human heart won't beat something it can't
we each have to find what's true & false
the marching orders are for sure follow the golden rule

by John Ackerman

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