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Lisa My Aphrodite

Lisa My Aphrodite
Written by: Wilfred Mellers, September 29,2016

Would it be rude if I asked to see you nude?
I know it's not your hobby to show your body
I know you are reserved but I love your curves
From your lips to your thighs you are the right sizes

In your garden, a bountiful rose grows
A Stunning flower with a superpower
Yes! I'm truly smitten by the sight of your beautiful kitten
Gorgeous delight for poems I'll write

From your head to your toes, please expose
Heaven knows the excellence to disclose
Shy I suppose to my eyes please bestow
Men fall like dominoes at the sight of you in underclothes

Let's up the antes when you remove your panties
Such the size that puts a rise in my fries
For goodness sake, you've caused an earthquake
No longer it ponders my anaconda

For Everything I know, overwhelming shall be the show
The vision from beneath complete that I want to meet
From between you've shaven it clean
Such magnificence supreme must be seen

Can I kiss it as you wriggle?
Motions proposed to make you jiggle
Please, please, please on my shoulders rest your legs
For hours at a time the Royal knight begs

Would it be so improper to ask of you?
For my eyes only I promise you too
Under my pillow, it will be kept
My word to you if you would accept

Can I view it please, please, please!
For the winter's breeze, it is the antifreeze
To adore is my only true desire
It's all I require for my life entire

I beg to see between those sumptuous limbs
Up a lazy river a sea snake swims
I know I'm asking far too much
But your entire body I want to touch

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