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If the eyes are the window of the soul, why can't you see my pain?
Can't you hear the sounds of a desperate heart?
If there are no words to be spoken to ease my sorrow,
and actions are supposed to speak louder than words,
Why won't you hold me close to your heart?
Renew my faith in the power of touch.
Is your guilt so great that you cannot spare
the ray of hope I need so much
from you alone?
If time will heal all wounds, why won't you take the time
to heal a piece of my shattered heart today?
So I may begin to live my life as I did before the walls
came crashing in around me.
Back when you could just glance in my direction
and catch the look of joy on my face, rather than the look of lost hope.
I want to live my life free -- free of my own self-hate...
Though it seems it seems this hate will be my fate...

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