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LDG (August 19,1976 / )


Poem By Lynette Dias Gouveia

Listen to the children cry
Listen to mortals when they die
Listen to that deceptive lie
Listen to those reasons why
Listen.. Listen..

Listen to hearts that are scared
Listen to violence through lead
Listen to hatred ancestors bred
Listen to the colour red
Listen.. Listen..

Listen to the poor unfed
Listen to the lives they have led
Listen to the feelings unsaid
Listen to what goes through their head
Listen.. Listen..

Listen to the power abused
Listen to the intelligence misused
Listen to the innocent accused
Listen to those bastards amused
Listen.. Listen..

Listen to the covenants unkept
Listen to the affliction of depth
Listen to the graves unslept
Listen to the world or what is left
Listen.. Listen..

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Comments (6)

Great poem Lynette, the only thing that people should do sometimes is listen, just listen... well done! HBH
Very thought provoking, especially for the present rulers of the world. The way every line starts with 'listen' reflects the passion of the poet for the oppressed and anger for the oppressors. Wish the oppressors would 'listen' and such words would'nt fall on deaf years.
Yes, Mesmer would have loved it. It is not in the way, these many 'Listen' repeats, on the contrary, it cannot be said often enough and I think THAT is the main point of the poem. Yes, the world needs to be taken by the scruff of the neck, shaken, not stirred.... Great poem H
It is an original idea to start every line with the same word and has an almost hypnotic effect like the writing of a spell. Very good!
I cann't understand the theme of this poem going nowhere, please try work on a plot, but as it your first poem, nice work dude, poetry is nice way to express your feelings, Don't take other words about your poetry to heart, juss keep on writing, enjoy writing. Am also new to poetry, my poetry goes nowwhere, its not interesting at all Juss try to read my poems if you can My poem That was'nt my dream girl is nice one Bye take care Bye Have a nice and great day I will give your poem 5/10