Listen to people talk
Listen with your heart and soul
Listen in your mind
with memories
with touch

People talk not only with words
but with laughter
with hands
with songs
and poems

Listen with your eyes
for words are sometimes said
with a glance
with silence
with fears
or with a dance
and a story

Listen at all times
for moments are precious
and never be brought back
time passed never comes again

Listen for JESUS speaks every time
we see friends around
or hear babies laugh
a smile from someone

Listen because we need to be heard
and to know someone does


by Rita Umali

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Recently i've been thinking how wrtitng poems can be an attempt to get away from the literary form to express. Ironically it uses words though. I think you get at that nicely here. sorry to use that word 'nice', that my english teachers told me not to use, but once again the problem with words. I try to listen. And not just to words as there's too many holes there...