Poem By mona martinez

you want to talk,
lets talk,
don't judge me!
you don't know what i go through,
just to make life seem fine.
get out of my way,
i know what needs to get done.
don't run my life!
because you push me closer to death,
yeah i said it,
the word people afriad to hear.
yeah it becoming my friend,
call me crazy,
i don't care,
if only you knew,
what i go through because of pain,
wait, people sick of what i'm saying,
well, guess what?
so am i,
it comes and goes,
why should you care?
it not your life.
why should you?
you don't want to put up with it,
niether do i!
if i can run and hide,
that would be my plan,
but, i'm stuck explaining,
because people like you,
just need to sit and listen,
to what i have to say.
wouldn't you agree?


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