ME (05/31/1962 / NJ)

Listen, Hear The Music

Listen, hear that great sound
It is playing freely all around
Rich notes create lots of tones
Together the music is its own.

Oh! how the beat keeps coming,
And the words are just flowing
All about the world plays songs
Schools of joy praise ever long.

My heart sees the joyous harmony,
But never forming with given money.
Hear the robin sing or the winds shrill?
It’s in the air, that one tune to thrill.

Focus very hard and rejoice to song
It stages for you and all to sing along
It is beautiful and the lyrics are one
Present for me, and your spirit is won.

Sing high of honor for the airs eternity
The music is here for life’s longevity.
One note with many is a gift from birth,
And it grows in value that is self worth.

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Excellent thought process! Thanks.