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Listen? I Don'T Think You Could Bear.

There’s a town
Deserted and broken down
Abandoned, not one person stayed around,
But it’s said if you listen, there’s a sound
Of painful stories and tears hitting the ground
Though there’s not a person to be found
Crashing on to the one fertile soil, all forgotten bound
Are stories that will never reach your ears
If they would have, would you have cared?
About the tragic, these unheard voices shared
A descriptive epic of your fears
Closer then you think but further then near
Listen? I don’t think you could bear
Souls stripped of love
It’s no wonder they gave up
And packed up all their stuff
The odor will fill your nose,
A stench of death, lost hopes
Honestly, you’ll never be the same
There’s well enough pain to make go insane
So much angst in one day
You couldn’t have stayed
In this town of facades
Everyone pretending it’s okay
Until the guns rung out
With a shout
Killing this broken town

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Kind of takes you to the pain and anguish of New Orleans. Great write, wonderful read. 10+++