Listen - In The Silence Of Love

Poem By Sumeet Mahanti

Straining my ears to listen
for the love in the air – unfelt, invisible,
at times – timid, shy and sans expression
felt everywhere – though intangible

Just fear of embarrassing the subject
maketh the real words of love – unexpressed,
yet in actions hidden underneath
-the true embodiments of love possessed

Seeking the hidden love underneath
the words spoken- though seemingly cruel
As I look with intent and hear with passion
to search for love – so fulfilling- that is life’s fuel

Listen not only to words- but actions
accompanying them – unseen
the expression portrayed on faces
that seldom betrays the meaning of true love- so clean

Listen to the sound of silence
sometimes deafening- yet conveying
the message of love – heard without listening
-true love felt without touching

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