Don´t Count The Candles...

Don´t count the candles
on your cake,
don´t count the years
that passed out!
Rather you count
the gifts of life,
people, who met you on your life way,
you had given to all
something nice of you,
everywhere you left
some of your footprints...

Toss in your mind
days which sometimes more,
sometimes less important was,
remember on very simply,
ordinary days.
Every day something
has given you,
every day left you its gift.
NO! The living flow
did not reduce nothing
of your variety,
of your beauty....

Therefor don´t count
the candles
on your birthday cake,
don´t count the years
they passed away!
Rather you count
every day
the happy moments,
the life in love
which always is
in front of you...

To this day
my dear friend
the bowl I rise up
to your health,
of all my heart
I wish you
all, all, all the best....

(c) shipka

by Maria Shipka

Comments (2)

Awesum ' I enjoy a lot of his poems and writings.
This poem would be great if read in church. I believe it would make a beautiful prayer. It may even bring about some great awakening. You never know.