Listen To Her Heart

So i met this shawty the otha day
I got her number called her up like what you doin she said nothin
I said whats good
She said not much
I said guess what?
She said whats up
I said i think we should hook up
She said uhh
I said what?
She said but
I said but? why you stuck?
She said f**k
I said who?
She said not you
I said then who?
She said you know
I know what?
You know who
I said i do?
She said you do
I said i do but i really dont because its you that i really want and we can do what you really
Want girl we grown if he aint gone treat you right then i aint gone treat you wrong
And thats my word but she done heard so many lies she dont whats true or not, shawty like a
Valle service i say she been through alot but i put her car in park and never let her cry alone
I listen to her heart beat because it plays my favorite song

by james johnson

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This is a song by Mario called Crying Out for me. Your poem was Lil' Wayne's part in the Remix of the song. This is NOT your poem