AR (3-2-1945 / California)

Listen To The Wind

If you listen to the wind
It’s like listening to your twin
As it echoes rippled reflections
On the glass lake that you swim
It shows up
Blows up in your face
Leaving breathless whispers in its place
The wind paints with many brushes
Not particular whose innocence it touches
The wind will be your courseless guide
Take you on an endless roll coaster ride
Overturning stones like lies that cannot hide
Exposing misguided fortunes of ill-gotten pride
And so the wind screams as it races
Etchings of laughter that no one embraces
And yes there are beliefs
Of old wise Indian chiefs
That our story in written in the wind
Weather beaten, eroded, but not able to rescind
The pages of the Master Journal as they fade
With Eden endings so well laid
Will get you to listen to the wind
You’ll hear confessions of those who sinned
And when the wind stops blowing
A silence for you will be all knowing
It will confirm all that’s been said
Put vaulted thoughts securely in your head
That which is known as peace
A peace you don’t want to release
Bought to you courtesy of the wind

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Robert Frost

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