Your heart cries out, you’re afraid to admit you love me.
You doubt we will last, you smile through anything, but
not through this. How can I show you im listening? I hear
you with my heart, I feel how you feel, im one in the same,
but yet you fail to realize there is a listening ear there all
the time to comfort you. Your baby that is what is connected to that
ear, but first I must be your friend. That I can live with but please
don’t fear that we wont last for if you do we will not, but if you
embrace your true feelings and admit them you will have
nothing to worry about because no matter what I will be
there listening and waiting for you. Because I am the sprit
of the ear that hears you and the one that helps fill that hole
because the man that can I am apart of him so feel our presence
As we show you love.
My Man God And ME

by david bailey

Comments (4)

I may say you are a great lover.. your words are the doer of the action.. very well said!
wow amazing poem very well written
My friend there is more of me in this poem than you will ever know, are you listening my baby out there, I love you so... Andy 10
WOW.. beautiful and very straight forward.