Listening To Elvis 1964

I had bought
the Kissin' Cousins LP
by Elvis
and I played it on
the record player.

Milka sat beside me
on my bed
in my room.

My parents and siblings
were downstairs
watching TV.

After the third song
she said
it's not a big bed
is it.

No smaller than yours
I said.

But it looks smaller
she said.

My brother's small bed
was opposite
near the window.

We couldn't here
be too risky
with them downstairs
she said.

We can kiss and hug
and that sort of thing
I replied.

But then
we get carried away
and one thing
leads to another
she said.

Elvis sang on
Milka was in a mood.

The two coffees
were getting cold.

Maybe next time
we could go
to your place
I said.

My mum's hardly
ever out
and she'd not let us
in my room together
she said.

We did the other week
while your mum
was out shopping
and your dad
was on the farm
and your brothers fishing
I said.

Yes but that
was a rare thing
for them all
to be out
she said moodily.

Elvis stopped
and I watched the disc
go around around
and we made no other sound.

by Terry Collett

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