Today's Tattoos Vs. The Old Day's Tattoos

Only bikers and servicemen had 'em at one time
Nowadays 'respectable' people have them
Hell, Roseanne & Cher have 'em on their behind
Poor Man's art collecting is what I call it
One tattoo and you'll be addicted to it

Some people hate them, yet ask, hey can I have a peek?
Beautiful colors + endless designs = each one unique
In the past there was infections, if you know what I mean
Today's artist's take courses on how to be 100% safe & clean

Sure they hurt a little, 'but you won't die'
Surprise your friends and watch the look in their eyes
Wow! You got a tattoo! Maybe I'll get one, too!
You reply, Go with me when I get #2
Tattooed people are cool, respectable - peace loving
Other words, just like everyone else 'except for their artwork'
Ours hangs on no wall - it's on our flesh

by charlotte marie peachey

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