Litter Box

My wife asked me this morning
if I'd ever cheated on her.
My ex-wife called this afternoon
& asked me the same thing.

by Jefferson Carter Click to read full poem

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I never realised how funny this poem is until I watched La Dolce Vita! ! ! ! How crazy life can we really deserve those moments that make us laugh uncontrollably -I guess it's just Karma's revenge.If you get a chance please read my RAINBOW IN MOTION HAIKU.Thank you. You haven't been on the forum for awhile.....very direct right to the point-as blunt as possible.....
I enjoyed the way you expressed your complaints... had me smiling
I wish everyone was as honest as you! Great write. Give you 10! Best wishes Suzan Gumush
yeah, ....i liked it....a fine composition.
You my friend are a natural politician! They seem unable, for whatever reason, to answer a straight-forward question. Jefferson Carter, for President....has a pretty good ring to it. Third name it!
I like this poem, it's different, and different is one of the best things in life. Take care.......xoxoxox
Oh ami glad that I found this site, your work I suppose reflects your professional calling in life, and is a very refreshing change from not only other people's work but from my ownattempts at creative expression as well. I am a great lover of ironic humour and I can almost sense you sat with tongue pressed against cheek when formulating some of your lines. Excellent (again!)
It's good to love and be loved. Very nice write.
great read. you painted the picture in bold colors. khalo
I really enjoyed this one Jefferson...did you answer their question? ? Hugs, dee
hah hah. The strength of this poem lies in its small but minutely detailed vignette of domestic life. A classic.
Is it a black pussy and does it purr when you pat it AJS
belongs in the cat-alogue of litter-ature where it will have more than nine lives, I betcha
Dear Jefferson This is a very intelligent piece, you’ve put a lot into this one and there is something so touching about the intimacy contained Ten from me Take care Love duncan X
Each line of this poem eggs me on to read the next line. Very well put-togther Mr.Carter. Original and rolls-of-the-tongue nicely, I like the bluntness especially.. Blunt poetry is the best.
Insecurities personified...what would we do without them :) Power to your elbow. Jack.
This is just stunning. There's not many poets on this site I consider to be consistently impressive, but you're definitely one of them.
Oh this is beautiful! ! Contrasts can be really entertaining...I love to think about the contrast between your reality running around the litter box several times a day and the cheating Cassanova with Italian beauties chasing him..Wonderful! ! -Pia
Reminds me of the movie 'Moonstruck'. Typical loud and boisturous Italian family. Also, particularly liked the description of the old cat as a 'space heater that needs repair.' Think all cat lovers can identify with that one. Good write, thanks. Linda
I read this a few times Jefferson. I thought I had already commented on it as it is in my fave list. I like the humour that is employed here. But not at the expense of the structure. I wouldn't expect Jefferson to sacrifice construct in order to get a cheap laugh. Yet the funniest part of all this is that the piece runs from one subject to a completely different one and it is hard to find where it happened. It works; not as novelty, but as a real show of skill.