OJO (June 21st / Nigeria)


Maybe just a little push,
Perhaps a little more effort,
Or a little bit of the time,
That little word for my memory.
Wonders how little may be defined,
Will it be the whole without a little?
Remember little ticks make the time,
Little diggins becomes the mine,
Moreover just a little more dime,
Just that little more mile
Or perhaps a little more force,
And a little more nagging,
Could we have a little more life?
I mean a little more shared Joy?
Perhaps a little more thought,
Could have written a 'little' lot better!

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Comments (2)

Yeap, only a little more of everything would do us well sometimes. JOB WELL DONE! ! !
Go on and on little by little, ond ofcourse here a leap, there a bound...